Understanding West African Vodun begins with knowledge.

Vodun: West African Spiritual Life explores and explains this often-misunderstood religion. It invites readers to open their eyes and their minds to what Vodun is, where and why began, and how it’s practiced.

You may think you know everything you need to know because you’ve seen Hollywood’s interpretation of these spiritual practices, but this book proves those theories, misconceptions, artistic licenses, and theories wrong.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Vodun’s early days and how it plays a pivotal role in how it’s practiced now
  • How and why it’s been mis-characterized
  • How to practice it properly
    Who the deities are and why they’re honored
  • Who the Priestesses are and why they are held to such esteem

And more!

Finally learn how Vodun, Hindu, Shango, Jesus and the Buddha are far more alike than you may think and understand what role slavery and slaves play in this religion and why it should matter to you.