Our relationship began with a lie. Can I convince her that my love is true?

Dating when you’re the CEO of a world-famous company is Hell. Money does funny things to people’s perceptions. I’m sick and tired of only being admired for my wealth – so I create a dating profile with a fake identity.
I’m immediately matched with Lydia, a local yoga teacher with a troubled dating history. She’s kind, sweet, and she has looks to die for.
The only problem is, she hates liars.
Now I’m stuck pretending to be someone I’m not with the nicest woman I’ve ever met.

I know my secret is a ticking time bomb. I can’t hide my true identity forever. Secrets have a funny habit of always getting out… and when the lid blows on my little charade, I risk losing the love of my life.
Can I convince her to trust me after founding our relationship on a lie? And can Lydia find it in her heart to forgive me?

With a charming and feel-good love story that will warm your heart, Unmasking the Billionaire is a wholesome novel that’s perfect for readers who adore clean romance, a dash of drama, and happy endings. Scroll up and grab your copy now.