Umbanda, a syncretic religion originating in Brazil, combines indigenous Brazilian religions, African religions, Catholicism, and spiritism. Most Umbanda followers live in southern Brazil, and a small number of followers live in the neighboring countries of Uruguay and Argentina.

Umbanda: The Religion of Brazil explores this remarkable Brazilian tradition founded in the early 1900s by psychic medium Zelio Fernandino de Moraes. It introduces the fundamental beliefs and practices of this religion of approximately 500,000 practitioners, many of whom now identify as Catholic. 

Providing a complete overview of this fascinating religion and its three foundational, or core, principles:

• The Pantheon

• The World of Spirits (Pure Spirits, Good Spirits, and Bad Spirits/Kiumbas)

• Reincarnation

Umbanda: The Religion of Brazil delves into Umbanda’s rich heritage of temples, priests, priestesses, rituals, and ceremonies. Learn about the supreme deity and the primary Orixas, similar to Catholic saints. Explore this unique religion’s adaptation of ideas such as spiritism and communicating with the dead, karma, reincarnation, charity, and social fraternity.

While there are common core beliefs, such as the Pantheon, a belief in the spirit world, and the belief in reincarnation, Umbanda has many branches. And each offshoot will have a slightly different set of beliefs and practices. 

Introduce yourself to a rich and fascinating Brazilian-based tradition called Umbanda.