Training the Billionaire

Struggling to keep her late father’s boxing gym afloat, Skye Larsen is asked to train the man Skye holds indirectly responsible for her father’s death. Training Jordan Turner means being able to keep her father’s legacy alive while building a reputation for herself as a boxing coach. But can Skye put aside her anger and mistrust of Jordan to save the boxing gym, which is also her home while keeping him out of her heart?

Jordan walked away from the boxing world five years ago when his world fell apart. While he worked as a sports model and built his sports gear empire, there was always an empty space in his life, a space only boxing ever filled. Now ready to get back into the ring again and take his place with the top fighters, Jordan needs a coach. As his former coach passed away a few years ago, there is only one other option for Jordan: Skye Larsen, his former coach’s daughter.

Skye and Jordan must learn to get along as they set out to get Jordan into shape to come out of retirement. While Skye puts Jordan through a rigorous training routine and keeps his spirits up, Jordan finds himself becoming more and more enamored with her. Can he break down the walls she has built around her heart and show her that not all sportsmen are the same and get her to trust him again to win his greatest prize ever?