The Billionaire and the Biker Chick

She’s about to teach him how to go full throttle…

Billionaire thrill-seeker Reece Hunter entered the Two Fox Bar like he did everything else. Confident his money could get him what he wanted. And what he wanted was its sexy owner.

Cristina Fox knew better than anyone else that Reece was more than his money and fame. Their one-night stand had shown them both that appearances could be more than deceiving. But here he was, sporting that sexy crooked grin and offering to pay off her mortgage for a road trip and riding lessons

She should say no to that temptation, but trading a week’s ride with the hot billionaire for a clean slate was too good to pass up. Even if she was sure somehow she’d end up riding him hard and fast like she swore she’d never do again. Because there was no way a billionaire and a biker chick had a shot at forever…was there?