I have a bad habit of falling for unavailable men.

But I’ve bested my own record this time. Ewan isn’t just from the wrong side of the tracks…he’s from the wrong side of the living.

But I just know he’s the one…

My tarot told me so. And it has never, ever been wrong. Not once.

But even I have my doubts about the amount of long distance this relationship would take. Not to mention how you get physical with someone who… isn’t.

And that’s not the biggest problem we have. He’s not even sure who he is beyond his first name and that something bad is going to happen to me soon.

It’s how he got in my shop, drawn there with the message for me when a client’s séance got hijacked and he followed another spirit we can’t find.

Now life, love, and the hereafter are on the line, and if we even survive this, the question still remains:

Can there be a happily ever after when you fall for a ghost?