A magical klutz, an ancient evil, one night to save the world…

Sawyer Key is considered a lost cause to everyone but the powerful great aunt who left her house and her treasure of arcane artifacts to the one person who can’t use them.

Even her own mother doesn’t think Sawyer can possibly be capable of running Key House, the seat of the great power and fortune that was long ago built on hallowed ground and intersecting ley lines. Taking care of something that valuable involves magical skill Sawyer just doesn’t quite have down pat…yet. She still has hope, but it’s fading fast.

She’s botched spell after spell, rite after rite, and potion after potion until she’s sure her aunt was as wrong as everyone says…and that she doesn’t even deserve the wild magic she does have.

But when all the town’s witches and wizards lose their magic on the eve of Samhain, the only magic left is her accident-prone, lawless, uncontrolled power.

And her strange stray cat’s.

But will it be enough to take on an ancient evil and save the town’s magic, or will she fail to live up to the legacy her aunt died to protect?