Relic huntress Temperance Parris just got a hot tip.

Somewhere in the Caves of Alegai, the legendary and often considered mythical, Futuri stones are buried with the body of the Atlantis seer and her channeling scepter.

And Temperance aims to claim them all.

It’s the miracle she needs to save her mother’s life and finally be free of the family’s blood curse. And maybe prove to the coven that shunned them both that the Parris witches are worthy still, curses aside.

But time has been running out for ages, and now the hands are practically spinning toward a destiny she must avoid at all costs.

Getting to the Alegai Caves isn’t the worst problem she has to overcome. There are spells and curses as bad as her own lying in wait for those who dare enter in.

To avoid them, she’ll have to be prepared. The only person she knows who has more knowledge and skill than she does is the one person she swore she’d never speak to again: her ex, Jalen Baker.

And though he’s never said, she senses that he knows more about the legend than he shared with her.

Maybe something that can finally change her luck for good.