Are you curious about Wicca or would like to know more about what Wicca is all about?

Have you recently a moment of awareness and developed an interest in Wicca?  Then this book for you.
Inside you will learn:

  • The fundamental beliefs of Wiccan
  • The different Gods and Goddesses
  • The Witch’s Pyramid and why it is important
  • What are the basic tools of the Craft

Are you ready to get started on this spiritual path?

Candle Magick Is One Of The Most Classic Forms Of Spell Casting.

It has been practiced in witchcraft to empower intended awareness since ancient times. It doesn’t require a lot of elaborate ritual or ceremonial tools. In other words, anyone with a candle can cast a spell.

Inside these pages, you will discover:

  • How Candle Magick works
  • Type of Candles to use
  • Dressing your candle for a ritual
  • Making your own candles

As well as many, many spells employing candles and more.

Begin today with the purest form of magic, and the best thing, everyone has a candle or two.

Are you ready to start practicing magick?

Several of these simple Wiccan spells allow even a new practitioner to begin practicing Wicca.

  • Factors to consider when casting a spell
  • Casting your circle
  • Actually casting your spell
  • Writing your own spells

There are also spells for good luck, protection, and health. Together with these spells, you’ll find information on the colors, phases of the moon, as well as the time of day to strengthen your magick.

Use a bit of magick, find love!

Inside you will learn:

  • How to be seen more attractively
  • Be more confident with yourself
  • When it’s time to move one, a break-up spell
  • A ritual to dream of your soul mate

Use these love spells to find meaningful love. Not tomorrow, today!

Easy spells that can bring the money you desire

These spells will help you:

  • Ease debt
  • To draw wealth
  • Find employment
  • Success in your business

Through the power of magick, your wants and needs are transformed into existence.

A good spell can bring an abundance of good fortune, money, and luxury your way. These white magick spells will help uplift your financial situation and attract wealth into your life.

Herb magick is an age-old practice going back to ancient Egyptian era. It has been utilized for various purposes, such as healing, love spells, self-empowerment, and protection.

The herbs used in Wicca magick have great magickal power, as they contain the earth’s energy inside them. Each illustrates its properties by its shape, form, and spirit.

Each herb has distinctive properties that can enhance one’s magickal goals. Herbs also may have medicinal properties. The magickal practitioner can draw upon either characteristic when performing a spell.

The Moon is the nearest celestial body to the Earth. It has been loved and worshiped for centuries. The Moon’s powerful pull on the world is viewed as evidence of its magickal powers. It creates tides and affects the weather.
When it comes to casting spells, the Moon plays an intense role as you perform magick.
If you are interested in magick and spell casting, you will find you can improve the power of your spells by becoming familiar with all the phases of the Moon, as well as how and when to use them. By making use of the power of the Moon with the correct stage, your magick will enhance the ultimate results of your spell casting.

When working with spells, petitions, and rituals on a normal basis leads you to a certain extent to wish and dream your own into being. Though there is nothing wrong with using other individuals’ spells, there may be occasions when you may want to use your own.

I know it is very easy to be able to go to your bookshelf and find a spell in one of your many books, using a spell that someone else has created, but why not enjoy the knowledge and experience by creating your own spell.

Have you often wondered why gypsies are surrounded by magic?

Does their aura impress you and make you keen to learn more about their customs?

In this book, Gypsy Magic, you can learn much more about gypsies, their way of life and the magic and customs they practice, with chapters that explore:

  • Roma History
  • Roma Customs and Religion
  • Gypsy Lore
  • Tips for Successful Magic
  • The power of wishing and spells
  • Magic of the planets
  • Divination
  • Simple spells
  • And more…

If the gypsy way of life and the magic they practice has long held a fascination for you then this book will pave the way to a greater understanding of their culture and the mysticism that surrounds it.

Unlock the Power of Protection Magick in Your Life!

Protection Magick is all about making the world a better and safer place for yourself and others. It stems from a sense of compassion toward other people and living things, and not harming others while keeping yourself and those you care about free from danger.

Within the pages of Protection Magick, you will find a fantastic collection of spells, charms, and rituals with the power to protect those you love.

Whether you are a novice or merely looking for some new protective spells, Protective Magick is a book for you.

Celtic Magic: The Ancient Knowledge and Mysticism of the Druids

Suitable for both the beginner and the adept, or those just interested in Celtic Lore, Celtic Magic offers a wealth of information that distinguishes it from other books written about the Celtic Traditions

Inside find complete introduction to the Celtic Traditions before moving on to cover critical topics such as:

• Understand Celtic Magic
• Magical Elements
• Casting the Magic Circle
• Tools of Magic
• The Tuatha De Danann
• And, a complete listing of Celtic gods, goddesses, and other legendary folks

Whether your goal is to join a druidic community, or you are starting as a beginning practitioner, this unique guide by Monique Joiner Siedlak contains everything you need to know about Celtic Magic to begin. 

Are you interested in Shamanism and its rituals?

Shamanism centers, among other things, on the belief of the supernatural, with gods, demons and ancestral spirits being particularly prevalent. The religion has been practiced for hundreds of years and was once widespread among indigenous people.

Nowadays, as with other ancient traditions, it has discovered a new following , You will discover the secrets of this powerful and enigmatic custom with chapters that cover:

  • What Shamanism is
  • The Shamanic territories
  • How you can bring the Shamanic dimension into your life
  • Traditional ceremonies and rituals
  • How to reconnect with the sacred nature
  • Traditional plant ceremonies
  • And a lot more…

If Shamanism is something that has fascinated you and is a subject you want to know a lot more about then get a copy of this book and become educated in its mysteries now!