One Night With The Billionaire

Who knew drowning my woes would lead to the best sex of my life?

That would be my bestie. She’s the one that made me go out, drink too much to forget that I’m practically homeless in two weeks if I don’t find a new job, and basically live it up before reality sucker punches me again.

But she didn’t know about him. Ronan Waters with the bedroom eyes and a room key to the penthouse suite if I changed my mind. And I did.

Then crawled away in the morning with one hell of a hangover and a memory of heaven. But now Ronan wants to do it again. Only problem is, I’m not the girl he thought I was, and now I have to live a lie if I’m going to face him again. And I really want to.

With lies hanging between us, I just don’t know if our one-night stand was the start of our future or the biggest mistake of my life…