Sabine Dubois has left one nightmare for another…

Quitting her stressful job with the head office and retreating to her family’s branch of the business was supposed to take away from her stress. Instead, on her first night back on the job, reaping souls and taking names, she’s faced with a client whose soul won’t tear from his body.

Her ledger clearly says, reap Kyle Riley. But he’s not dead. He’s not alive, but he’s not dead. And now she’s got a body with a very talkative, very angry spirit in her SUV headed to the parish where her Voodoo priestess aunt lives.

Her aunt takes one look at the body and Kyle’s grouchy, glowering spirit and pronounces him under a curse. One that it’s up to them to break. But as they hunt for the cure, she grows fond of the surly man-ghost who she realizes may or may not have been targeted by the very agency that sent her to collect his soul.