With the latest solar flares, magic is waking all over the globe. And someone needs to keep it out of the wrong hands…and from reactivating long-dead dangerous artifacts that could end life as we know it.

Enter Brene Tollis, a witch with a magic magnet in her very blood. But she can’t reveal that, just how she finds magic, or her life would be given up too. Instead, she glamours her own powers, and for a fee, she’ll spill some of her own life force to hunt down magic.

The Order, who once refused to welcome her, now needs her help. But the price is high. Both for her services and for finding the magic itself. It will cost them all. But she’s not the only one they’ve hired.

Layton Murphy has a way to find magic too. And like her, he’s not telling how.
Brene wants to know if they share the same gift. Layton just wants them to share the same bed… since they’ve made their alliance against the others the Order hired, mages with dark magic and dark designs…

But can they prevail against the dark rivals who will do anything to stop them—and then again, they’ll be fighting magic itself and whatever’s happening between them too.