Haitian Vodou is a vibrant and fascinating indigenous tradition from the island of Haiti.

It is an amazing and colorful spiritual tradition comprised of ceremony, music, dances, prayers, magic, and community.

Haitian Vodou explores this rich Haitian tradition beginning with a look at Haitian history and how the tradition known as Haitian Vodou evolved. It moves on to cover the basic Principals and Ethics of Haitian Vodou, including a discussion of common confusions and controversies associated with Haitian Vodou as well as a discussion of Haitian Vodou today.

Haitian Vodou includes an interesting discussion of the “mysteries” or “the invisibles” of Haitian Vodou; the Lwa … stemming from the French les lois, or “the laws” in English. These are the spiritual basis, or foundation, on which Haitian Vodou is founded.

  • The Rada Lwa
  • The Petro Lwa
  • The Gede Lwa
  • Other Lwa

Readers will love learning about Haitian Vodou Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Divination, White Magic, and the Societies of Sorcerers.  This book is truly an incredible read for anyone interested in studying or learning about the world’s diverse religions or spirituality.

Order your copy of Haitian Vodou and introduce yourself to the rich and fascinating Haitian tradition called Vodou. You will enjoy reading and learning about this extraordinary Haitian tradition.