Gemma has one rule: never get involved with the supernatural.

Tormented by her painful past and grappling with a dark secret, she’s content to run her bar and leave witch-hunting to the professionals. But after a string of bodies appear in her small town, each with mysterious ritualistic markings; she’s quickly plunged into a desperate hunt for a shadowy killer.

Matt is a headstrong reporter determined to get his next scoop. Gemma knows he’s in way over his head, but Matt won’t give up until he’s exposed the truth. When more hunters begin to turn up dead, Gemma is confronted with an impossible choice: to stay on the sidelines and watch more innocents die, or break her one rule – no matter the consequences.
Time is running out… and in the darkness, a centuries-old witch is putting a sinister plan into motion. Gemma’s secret might be the only thing that can stop the killing spree. But can she find the courage to fight? And can she protect Matt from the witch’s twisted plans?