It’s time to dance in honor of the Gods.

Candomblé: Dancing for the Gods explores this remarkable Afro-Brazilian tradition known as the Dance in honor of the Gods. Candomblé’s earliest roots are found in the Yoruba, Fon, and Bantu belief systems brought over from West and Central Africa by enslaved captives of the Portuguese Empire.

This informative book provides a complete overview of this beautiful oral tradition and belief system, including:

  • The History of Candomblé
  • Candomblé Nations
  • Religious Practices with Beliefs and Deities
  • Concepts of Good and Evil
  • Rituals

And more

Discover Candomblé’s rich heritage of temples, priests, music, dance, rituals, and ceremonies. Learn about the Supreme Creator and the many lesser deities known as Orishas. Get to know this unique religion whose rich tradition of African-based music and dance plays an important role.

It’s time to discover this vibrant Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomblé.