Elemental witch Valeria knows there’s more than lightning in the storms gathering each night to rain down terror on the residents of Seabrook.

There’s dark magic…and pain.
And it feels personal and familiar.
Against everyone’s advice, she heads straight to where it strikes every night. The river where her boyfriend Kenji died three years ago was lost to the currents, and his body was never found.

But when she’s led into the storm by a haunting voice crying out for help, the clouds send down more than cold rain. The protection charm she’d given Kenji, infused with her elemental magic, falls to her hand. She’s faced with the possibility that the man she loved is somehow caught in the atmosphere. And that the whispers of murder and danger aren’t just her imagining words in the storm’s winds.
But the name whistled around her like a warning sends her into shock. It can’t be…
Now she’s racing to find a way to free Kenji and save herself from the one person she never thought would hurt or betray her…

Available January 26, 2023