Street magician Blade Verick never met a soul he couldn’t charm out of a few bucks or a begrudging smile.

Until he felt the bone-reaching chill of a Hunter.
Now he’s racing against time and a legacy of magic that he never wanted to protect a strange and powerful book his mentor left behind–and his own dangerous powers.
But his newly awakened and wildly uncontrollable magic blows up the spell book. The very thing he needs to figure out his powers, and the only surviving pages may not be enough to save him or the new world he’s found in the Guild Underground.
And that leaves Blade between a rock, and a hard bargain as the pretty null gatekeeper to the Guild itself has a price he must pay for her help…waking her own forbidden magic.
But that price might be too high, and Blade already has more on his spinning plates than he can handle in one lifetime.

Good thing he’s found out he has more than one…

Available December 16, 2022