Welcome to Oshun Publications. Oshun Publications LLC is an independent publishing company located in the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. We publish fiction and non-fiction including, contemporary fantasy‎, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, occult detective fiction, paranormal urban, and self-help, covering several topics such as African Spirituality, New Age, Motivational and Personal Transformation. We’re sure in this array of books you will find many you will like.

Our Authors

On the Spirituality end, books like Monique Joiner Siedlak’s Seven African Powers: The Orishas would teach you about the deep-rooted African Spirits. There are other books by the same writer that explore the practicality of Mysticism with Wiccan Basics, Protection Magick and more. Get A Handle on Procrastination to help you to tackle procrastination effectively, and in turn,  increase your productivity.

Coming soon, Monique will begin her fiction journey under the name of Monique J. Siedlak. Starting with a bang, her first series will be Dark Huntress, featuring lifelong hunter, Gemma Jaeger. The first book throws Gemma back into a life she has tried to forget. Keep an eye out for it!

Next comes the Witches, Vampires, and Reapers rollercoaster. Intrigue and delight fed into your mind as you read the words on the pages. My Soul To Reap is a good read at any point in time, sit back and experience the mind’s equivalent of an aerobics exercise. Cold Read and Gravetide are stories with sprinklings of romance in them. Carefully done and written to keep readers enthralled. You will be thrilled after these books, by Renee Joiner, that is for sure.

Billionaire Romances are a fascinating thing to think about. Even more fascinating to write about them. Rose M. Cooper, however, does not have any difficulties telling the stories; a series has been crafted out of these great stories. And they have been done very well; you’re certain to enjoy reading these stories.

There are currently three authors working with our company, and we’re looking forward to working with more soon. To learn more about an author and the works they now have available and upcoming, visit their author pages.